Precautionary Tips for children before the third wave

Preparedness for Covid-3 Wave


  1.  Children stay home.
  2.  Avoid visiting relatives/friends.
  3.  Do not take the children to social gatherings.
  4.  Should take bath 2 times a day.
  5.  Should wash their hands regularly and sanitize them.
  6.  Do not allow them to rub their eyes and nose without sanitizing them.
  7.  Adults are requested not to handle children without getting themselves sanitized.
  8.  Sanitize cellphones, playing items, joysticks, computers, keyboards, etc., twice a day. mm
  9.  To allow children to sit or play in the Sunlight, at least half an hour a day.
  10.  Clean the toilets every day with disinfectants, Frequent sanitizing of the home
  11.  Pillows and pillow covers should be cleaned periodically.
  12.  Give them warm water for gargling.
  13.  Don’t use common toothbrushes and tongue cleaners.
  14. Follow SMS: Social distance, Mask and Sanitization.
No Shake hands/ Kissing/Unnecessary handling. (Minimum Physical Contacts)


  1. High protein diet should be given:
  2. Eggs per day.
  3. Soaked/Boiled Pulses like Chana, green gram, Rajma, green peas.
  4. A Glass of milk (100 ml) per day.
  5. Fresh Fruits/Vegetables like amla/Citrus fruits, seasonal, Green leafy vegetables, Dry fruits which all increase the immunity of children.
  6. Prefer only home cooked food.
  7. Do not feed the outside food. Junk foods.
Every household should have: ThermometerSpO2 Machine (Pulse Oximeter) Tissues  


      Any suspicious symptoms of covid like:

  • Fever/Headache
  • Body Pains
  • Sore Throat
  • Dry Cough
  • Weakness/Loss of Appetite
  • Loose Tools
  • Pain in the cheeks/Eyes
  • And other unexplained difficulties.

Parents are requested to bring children with any of above symptoms to COVID OP (GJH).

Kindly report and get tested.

If Tested Positive, get the opinion of the Pediatrician at GJH.